Truck Mounted platform Rental In North America

Blade Wind Services are the leading truck mounted platform rental service in North America supplying MEWP’s for the wind turbine repair industry.

54M Truck Mounted platform

This platform is currently the smallest within our Truck Mounted Platform fleet but offers great versatility both on and off site. With complete roadability, it can travel to site without the requirement for additional permits. Once on site, its performance data speaks for itself. Boasting all the features of our larger platforms, it really is a heavy weight in disguise.

72M Truck Mounted platform

Compact in design but very efficient during operation, the 72m platform is a superb all-rounder when combining height with performance. Not only is it great for working at heights up to 72m but also for outreach or up and over projects where alternative access is not an option.

90M Truck Mounted platform

Boasting the most state of the art technologies combined with simple operator functionality, this market leading unit is loaded with features making the platform setup not only easy but very quick.
Boasting unrivalled operational safety features, this platform really is a world market leader!

103M Truck Mounted platform

This really is the Queen of the skies! Being the largest off-road Aerial Platform in the world, there is nothing to compare when working at great heights. Often used on Wind Farms, Petrochemical Refineries and Power Stations, it simply provides the safest form of working at extreme height even in sensitive work areas.