72m Truck Mounted Platform


Compact in design but very efficient during operation, the 72m platform is a superb all-rounder when combining height with performance. Not only is it great for working at heights up to 72m but also for outreach or up and over projects where alternative access is not an option.


Max. working height 72.0 m

Max. basket floor height70.0 m

Max. horizontal outreach35 m

Max. permissible load600 kg

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About The 72m Truck Mounted Platform

The 72m truck mounted platform is the ideal choice for wind turbine maintenance . Whether you are installing Performance upgrades to maximize the efficiency of your wind turbine or cleaning your wind turbine ahead of a planned inspection of your WTG the 72m truck mounted platform is the ideal machine for keeping Wind turbine repair teams safe when working at heights of up to 72 metres.

Full specification

Working range

Max. working height 72 m

Max. basket floor height 70 m

Max. horizontal outreach 35 m

Boom system

Number Of Extensions 4

Workman basket

Working Area 3.88 x 1.05 x 1.1 m

Slewing range 2 x 80°

Max load in heavy-duty basket (optional) 700 kg


Max. stabilizer spread 8.27 m

Carrier vehicle and installation

GVW class 40t

Length in transport position 13.8m

Height in transport position 4.1 m